Top 5 Biker Forums for Motorcycle Enthusiast

By | October 13, 2016

biker forumsNothing beats the comfort of knowing that someone else shares the same passion and interest as you. Biking is no doubt one of the best and most exciting and thrilling hobbies in the world. There is a unique sense of fulfillment whenever you hit the road, feel the wind brush against you as you witness the scenery around and cleverly pull off those long, winding curves.

In order to address that need to have someone whom you can share your adventures with, biker forums have been created to give all motorcycle enthusiasts a chance to meet and stay in touch with fellow bikers no matter where they are in the world.

These biker forums come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak. And out of the numerous forums that you can find online today, below are the top 5 portals that every biker should definitely check out:

Dubbed as the premier Harley Davidson resource, has created one of the most comprehensive and extensive how tos and guides that will be able to help you in practically all aspects of your Harley Davidson that you can ever think of. From modding to diagnostics, you can be sure that has got you covered.

This is another discussion forum created to cater to the demands of Harley Davidson enthusiasts. This is a great hub where they can talk about everything and anything related to their beloved bikes.

The community of has been around for so many years already and they take great pride in providing critical and unbiased discussion among people coming from all sorts of backgrounds. To continue to answering to the expectations of their members, they work every single day to ensure that their community remains to be among the best that you can find out there.

Also included in the list of forums meant for motorcycle enthusiasts and bikers is none other than With the site, you can always register for free in order to take part in the discussions. The site firmly believes that there is always someone out there who will be more than willing to help other bikers with questions and who are more than happy to give back a friendly wave. The site welcomes all metric and Harley riders alike.

The last but definitely not the least of biker forums is This special forum community has been created to give fans, owners and aficionados of motorcycles the perfect place where they can discuss both the classic and latest models, mechanical and technical issues and solutions, servicing and maintenance, selling and buying and so much more. Here, enthusiasts and owners can share their resources and experiences on some of the most famous manufacturers, including Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Suzuki and Buell. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro rider or just a beginner because in these biker forums, you will surely get the help that you need to enjoy your hobby to the fullest!