First-Date Preparation for Biker Women – How to Dress

By | December 7, 2016

bikerwomanSo, you finally agreed to go on a first date but for some reason, you are still unsure on what to wear for this special moment of your biker dating experience.

To make the process easier for all biker women, here are a few pointers you might want to keep in mind:

Date Ride on Warm and Cool Days

Check the weather ahead of time for the places where you plan to ride and know the time of departure and return. Take note that even on warmest of days, bike rides usually set out by 10 in the morning. Make sure you also dress in layers, like a rayon or nylon type cammi. These will help keep your body’s core warm on a cooler morning and into the night.

You can top it off with a shirt or tank, sleeveless or not, depending on your choice, and finish it off with a hoodie. The layers can then be peeled off while the day gets warmer. You can inquire from your date if his bike has some storage like a roll or bags where you can store your things while you pull them off.

Wear jeans with a little give which will not bind in your hip area. You can pair them off with boots, without heels or with heels. When the weather is cooler and you don’t have leathers, a good pair of tights can help you a lot. Choose the cotton ones which will breathe if it gets too warm.

For a first date on cooler weather, don’t forget to bring your heavy jacket. If it is cool when you are outside, expect that it will be cooler when the ride starts. Chilly rides can also be made more tolerable with a good scarf as this will keep the wind from getting down your back and keeping your neck area warmer, which happens to be the most difficult spot to keep warm with no scarf on.

Other Important Pieces of Clothing

  • Gloves – Always ride with your gloves, whether it is cool or warm weather outside. You can easily pick pairs perfect for your budget.
  • Bandannas – Without a doubt, bandannas are staple riding accessory and no biker dating will be complete without them. Thanks to bandannas, there’s no need for you to worry about getting helmet hair. You just remove the helmet and you will be good to go.
  • Sunglasses – This is another must-have. Majority of styles these days are large, with some kind of wrap effect on their side. See to it that you pick ones that close on top of your cheek bone and with a snug fit. The arm of the shades must also be set between the bandanna and your head.
  • Helmet/bucket – Of course, it wouldn’t be wise to forget about your helmet. First date or not, it is imperative to stay safe and the helmet will guarantee exactly just that.
  • Miscellaneous – These are the other trivial but still important things you have to bring with you on your first date. These include your lip balm, driver’s license, debit card, sunscreen, gum and even deodorant.