Why You Should Stop Seeking Biker Dating On Meetup

By | November 8, 2016

meetupMeetup is one of the social networking services that you can find today. However, if you are a biker and you are hoping to make the most out of Meetup motorcycle group to find biker dating opportunities, it might be about time to stop doing so. There are a lot of reasons why you must no longer venture into biker dating on Meetup and some of these are the following:

Meetup Constantly Promotes Other Groups

Meetup has the habit of promoting other groups to your group members through the group page and even through email. This one reason alone is more than enough to convince you not to use Meetup or if you cannot avoid it, you might as well use this for a short amount of time only.

When forming a single motorcycle riders group, you have to do lots of work just to recruit more new members. You need to drive bikers to your Meetup motorcycle group and people who are not yet members of Meetup need to create their own accounts just so they can be part of your group.

Sadly, you are the one who did all the great work to search for new members and all Meetup does is send them emails regarding other groups. They will even advertise for other groups right on your own page. The worst part is that they will advertise similar groups to your members. Now, isn’t that devastating?

It’s Not White Label Platform

You are going to be stuck with the use of their URL. Branding of Meetup will also stay at the top of each page where your members will be encouraged to look for other groups and create their own groups.

Email Addresses Cannot Be Exported

Meetup doesn’t let you export a list of the email addresses of your members. It means that there is no way for you to do eBlasts or newsletters you designed or covered in your branding. When there are no eBlasts, it means that you will not be able to sell space for newsletter advertising to sponsors. Also, should you decide to leave Meetup any time soon, it will be difficult for you to bring all your members with you. There is also a need for you work harder to capture emails through offering some bribes.

It is Not Really a Dating Service

Meetup is not your usual biker dating service and is more about forming groups. A big disadvantage is that these Meetup motorcycle groups are not even as active as you want them to be so there is very little chance for you to meet fellow bikers who might be interested in some real friendship much less a serious relationship.

There are Members Who Won’t Take You Seriously

Lastly, there are some people who consider Meetup motorcycle groups as less trustworthy, less professional and less deserving of their interest and attention. Yes, this might sound harsh but that is the stark reality as far as Meetup is concerned.