8 Questions That Bikers Can Ask Their Potential Matches

By | October 18, 2016

questions bikers always askFirst dates are the perfect time to get to know somebody. But, if you want to level up your relationship and like to ask some questions to their potential matches, these following can be of great help:

  1. What Type of Bike Do You Ride?
    Not all bikers ride the same type of bike. That is the reason why it is wise to ask about what kind of bike your potential match rides. With this, you will know the different bikes that you can discuss.
  2. What Are Your Preferred First Date Idea or Place?
    Knowing your partner’s preferred first date place or idea can help decide on where you should take her. You can ask this question before your first date. You can send a message or chat her for you to know the best option for your first date.
  3. What Are You Searching for in a Biker Relationship?
    Whether you just want casual or serious relationship, it is always best to know what you’re searching for in a biker relationship. Some only want relationships for fun, while others want a relationship that’s serious and romantic.
  4. What Are You Passionate About?
    One’s passions can provide you clues into her or his daily life, giving you with valuable insights into her or his personality. This question also serves another purpose, allowing you to see whether this person has strong emotions or pretty laid back. If you are into biker dating, it will also serve as a great conversation starter.
  5. How Do You Usually Spend Vacations?
    Knowing the different kinds of vacations a person prefers to take may help you gauge your compatibility. If the person you’re dating wants international travel, yet you’re a biker who enjoys long ride on the local roads, you might not be compatible with one another. A good thing about biker dating is that you can ask that special somebody on how they’d plan a perfect biker-friendly vacation.
  6. Are You Close to Your Family Members?
    Family plays an important role for some bikers, especially those who want to have her or his own family. Asking about one’s family shows interests and background and you will also be able to determine what your future can be like with her or him.
  7. What Are the Goals You Want to Achieve?
    Relationships revolve around compromise, yet it can be hard to compromise with somebody who does not share similar goals with you. Talking about the goals on a first date might seem premature, yet it will keep you from wasting your precious time.
  8. What Do You Usually Do During Your Free Time?
    Free time may be a hot commodity for many people. If you’re interested to date someone seriously, you might want to know if she or he likes riding during her or his free time. Learning about what he or she does during free time can also be a factor when determining compatibility.

Asking some of those questions to your possible matches will not just help you determine if they are a good fit for you or you need to keep on looking for other singles.