What is the Real Biker Lifestyle?

By | February 21, 2017

biker lifestyleAre you new to the world of motorcycle riding? Do you have plans to get your own bike soon and start a biker lifestyle?

What most people don’t know is that there are lots of things to biker culture that many don’t understand while others have misconceptions about it. But, what is a real biker lifestyle all about?

You Own a Motorcycle, Of Course

Among the very first and most important things which make you a true biker is your bike, of course. There are different variations you can choose from and you can also have your personal preference come into factor at this point. Here, you get to choose whether you will go for a racing bike or just an ordinary bike that you can use for a lazy day riding.

The most essential thing is to manage no matter what type of bike you get. Bikes can be quite heavy and difficult to maneuver at times. It is also something that you would like to check out before you even buy one. Usually, it is recommended for new riders to get a used bike not bigger than 500 cc.

It’s In Your Clothes

One more aspect of a biker lifestyle which will also make people identify that you are a biker is through your clothes. You might think that the kind of clothes you choose doesn’t count but it does. Leather is among the most famous staples you will often see worn by riders. Leather is a tough material and you can use it to prevent scraps and other different impact marks. However, when you live in a place where there is prevalent rainy weather, you can go for waterproof clothing.

Biking is Something You Do With Responsibility

Probably a surefire way of letting others know that you are leading a biker lifestyle is that more than the physical appearance, you also know how to operate your bike in the first place. Many states require riders to pass a motorcycle test, get a permit and secure motorcycle insurance for the bike. Once you complete all these tasks, you don’t only protect yourself but also other drivers you meet on the road.

As a real biker, you make it a point to check with your state to know their requirements. You might need to take a written test to get your motorcycle permit and you will have 6 months for completing the driving part. Many states only allow you to use your bike when you have proven that this is registered and has the right motorcycle insurance.

You Know the Rules

A hardcore biker knows the traffic rules and obeys them at all times like a pro. As they know the rules and are aware of what they should and should not do, others respect them. Someone who leads a biker lifestyle is never one to show off.

The essence of a real biker lifestyle does not depend on your bike alone. More than anything else, it is your attitude that counts the most here.