Winter Riding – How to Enjoy It and Keep Safe

By | January 8, 2016

If you’re a passionate rider the climate outside and weather conditions shouldn’t really stop you from going out on a long ride either alone or with a loved one. In fact, every season has something amazing about it and taking your bike out for a spin is always a great idea, regardless of whether it is sunny, raining or snowing. However, every season brings with it a different set of challenges and you as well as your bike have to be prepared to face it.

winter ridingHere are a few tips for those looking to ride this winter:

  • Get layered: Wearing multiple layers of clothing would keep you warm and insulated. You can opt for a light inner layer such as microfiber. Choose a material this is capable of trapping body heat while allowing sweat to escape. Besides, make sure the top layer is made of windproof material such as nylon or leather. However, don’t wear too many layers of clothing that it restricts your movement.
  • Beware of visor fog: Visor fogging can prove to be extremely lethal when you’re riding and is known to be a cause of a lot of accidents in the United States and the UK. Wearing a half mask under your helmet is a great way to prevent fogging. This would ensure your visibility is clear and there is no condensation on the visor.
  • Streamlining is important: Directing chilly breeze away from your body would provide an additional functional layer thereby preventing uncontrolled shivering, which may otherwise distract you while riding. The height of your fairing would depend on your height as well as torso length. In case the stock product doesn’t direct the breeze correctly, you could as well get it cut according to your requirements.
  • Use the right tires: A lot of people ignore this aspect but the perfect pair of tires can play a crucial role in riding. Using the sticky type tires that you had used during the summer would no longer provide enough traction when you’re riding on a layer of ice. It is advised to switch back to the regular tires. As these tires are able to reach the optimal operating temperature more quickly, they would provide better grip over a surface with lesser friction.
  • Use different oil: Using thinner oil would boost your bike’s performance in the colder months. However, it would better to check the owner’s manual, as some bike manufacturers advice users to use the same oil throughout the year.

If you’re looking to ride your mean machine during winter, follow the aforementioned tips to enjoy your winter bike rides.