Why Spring is the Best Season for Riding Motorcycles

By | March 7, 2016

Winter is usually when most bikers try to limit their riding, for various reasons and problems that the cold creates. You probably can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and start riding on a regular basis. Before you do that, though, you should make some preparations to make springtime the best time to ride your bike.

spring ridingEquipment Checklist

Spring is the perfect time to do some annual maintenance on your motorcycle. Helmets, for instance, often lose their firmness, or cushioning, making the fit less snug. It’s worth reinvesting in a new helmet every 5-10 years. Next, do the same for your riding gear. Being comfortable is key when cruising out in the middle of spring, when there is so much to see and do.

Warm Up

Before you hit the roads, give a quick warm up in an empty parking lot somewhere to test your ability to brake and turn quickly. It may sound silly, but if you’ve really been off the saddle for more than a few weeks, it can be helpful to see if everything moves the way you expect it to. Don’t forget to throw a U-turn in there, too.

Be Alert

The reason why some riders may not prefer to ride during the spring is due to potential road hazards that can crop up once the ice clears and temperature changes. Potholes can appear and cracks can form on roads that you used to ride before winter. It’s all about being alert and using your eyes and wits to keep your ride safe. It’s all about muscle memory, though, as any small changes in road temperatures, grip, and even vibrations will be noticeable once you’ve gotten back into the habit of riding for long periods of time out on the open road.

Spring Travel Ideas

So, why is spring the perfect time to plan a trip across the country on your bike? Well, there are many good reasons. For one, this will be one of the cheapest times of the year for gas prices, restaurants, and hotels. There will be less cars on the road, so you get to really appreciate the view right in front of you.

If you wanted to plan a trip across the country, the best route to take is one that goes from east to west. The reason behind this is purely due to the direct of the sun, as it rises in the east and sets in the west. It will be at your back for the majority of your travels, which means you won’t be blinded by it and full-timing sunglasses as you’re trying to enjoy the scenery. The ideal time to plan you trip out in the spring is either May or early June. You want to avoid most of the heavier rains, but you also don’t want to be caught in the dead heat as summer creeps up, unless you’re strictly traveling the Northern part of the country.

Happy travels!