Biker Dating Advice: And How to Show a Biker Guy You Like Him

By | August 11, 2015

Bikers get a different rap, but most of us already know that. Even those who identify as bikers, though, have reservations about dating other bikers that they don’t know anything about yet. That doesn’t mean you should only date from within or from those you’re already close to, there are some great online dating sites out there that specifically cater to bikers.


Ride with the Good Guys

Ladies, finding a biker guy on a biker dating site won’t be hard, but how do you protect yourself without coming off as distant or difficult when laying down your rules? Start off all your interactions with purely biker-related talk. This helps weed out the guys who may be identifying as a biker for all the wrong reasons. The last thing you want to do is accidentally get involved with someone who is in an actual biker gang. The biker life is about riding partners, so check their dedication level.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bike

When talking about your first date with a biker guy online, it’s a good idea to either come on your own bike or ride in a group setting.  This also means taking your dating scene to a public place, like at a bar or coffee shop, that way you can prevent a situation where the stranger you just met won’t have any opportunities to learn where you live.

Our suggestion? Go together to a biker festival and really bond over the shared love for biker culture. This is not just a safer and more private way of approaching online dating, but also much more natural in that you both start a relationship by learning each other’s likes, dislikes, opinions, and views, rather than a very contrived and acted-out version of what normally passes for dating.

Making the most of Biker Dating Sites

After learning about your date, at any time during your date, if you feel that you are not compatible and that you’d rather not waste anymore of each other’s time, you can quickly make up an excuse that you have to leave when at a group function like a biker festival. Doing this at a more intimate setting like a restaurant, movie, or any other place where you are expected to stay for a certain length of time.

Using a biker dating website to go fishing for love can only work out for you if you apply yourself and put in the effort and positivity to make it work. That means clearing your schedule when you’re going to meet someone, notifying friends about your search, and getting that important second opinion of who you’re talking to.

Just make sure that you’re upfront and honest about how you feel about someone, and they will most likely reciprocate those feelings. You can tell when someone is hiding something, good or bad, once you meet them in-person. Men love a little mystery when meeting girls online, so try not to reveal all your likes, dislikes when messaging them online. Besides, they could easily lie and claim that you’re the perfect match and they share all the same interests as you (outside of biking). Have fun, but stay safe!