A Rider’s Love Story

By | July 14, 2016

Being a biker is one of the most fulfilling things that ever happened to Harleywes. He loves the feel of the wind when he rides his Harley Davidson. He loves taking in the scenic views that he passes by no matter how many times he’d seen the place and he just loves the thrill of the ride, the friction of his bike’s tires on the pavement, everything that comes with being a biker. He’s been in love with biking for the longest time that he didn’t even notice that he’s been single for a long time as well.

However, it was not until he attended the wedding of his fellow biker that he finally felt that emptiness inside. Yes, it’s happy and fulfilling to be out with his bike but would it be a lot happier if he can ride with someone who shares the same passion as him? When he looked around, that was when he realized that all of his best buddies are already very much taken, except him.

One night, after a long ride, he decided to check online and that was when he stumbled upon BikerKiss.com reviewed as the No.1 biker singles site on BikerDatingSites.us. At first, he was hesitant to sign up but something urged him to. Before he knew it, he has finished priming up his profile, uploaded his photos and everything else. Yes, he was very much prepared to find other riders like him. For weeks, he has been chatting here and there and for some reason, no one has got his interest yet. Until one afternoon, he found LadyHZ 90 in the Activity part. He was stunned by her photos, especially the ones where she was riding her own bike. Before he knew it, he was typing a comment on her photos and even went to as much as sending her a FREE wink, something that he has never done before with the other girls that he met on the site. He waited for her reply and just when he was about to give up, she replied him by email. She said Thank You for his kind words.

This marked the start of their constant conversations and Harleywes cannot help but to become more interested with meeting LadyHZ90 in person. When he mustered up enough courage, he asked her if she will care to ride out with him. Much to his surprise, she agreed ride out and they made plans as to where and when they will meet.

On the day of their meeting, Harleywes was more than nervous and he didn’t even know why. When LadyHZ90 finally arrived, he was caught breathless and it was as if the world has stopped turning. Everything turned slow motion and he cannot help but to just admire her beauty.

Their ride out was the best and it continued until the two of them admitted that they feel something special for each other. Romance started and love overflowed in the air and Harleywes and LadyHZ90 are now loving their lifestyle and loving one another even more each day.