5 Helpful Tips On Online Dating Safety

By | July 2, 2015

biker dating safetySingle bikers who are tired of the rigmarole involved in online dating, take heart. There are a number of helpful tips that can make your experience on biker dating sites much easier. Dating sites for bikers have never been more plentiful or easier to join, so read on to learn more about how to safeguard yourself in the brave new world of online dating.

1. Insist On Recent Photographs

Few things are worse than meeting someone through biker dating sites, striking up an interesting series of conversations and exchanging photos, only to find out that the person from the pictures does not look as you had imagined. Unless the person is willing to share a variety of photographs that have been taken recently, steer clear. A good rule of thumb? No photos that are more than one year old.

2. Don’t Place Too Much Recent Information In Your Profile

There are certain details that should be left out of your profiles on dating sites for bikers. Letting people know where you live or where you work opens yourself up to stalkers and the type of people who will plan out their day, hoping for a chance to “bump” into you surreptitiously. Until you have met a person and spent enough time around them to trust that they are who they say they are, keep personal details to yourself.

3. Tell A Trusted Confidant Where You Are Going

On the first (or even second) date, be sure to let someone who you trust know where you are and where you plan to be for the remainder of the evening. Provide enough information to give the police a fighting chance of finding you should things head in a bad direction. Give your friend the person’s name, phone number, a link to their biker dating sites’ profile and the name of the establishment you plan to meet them at.

4. Don’t Add Them On Other Social Media Sites

Until you have developed a serious relationship with a person you’ve met online, there is no reason for single bikers to adding one another on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Do your best to keep things private in the early going and treat the person as if they will not be a part of your life for a long period of time. You must treat the person you are meeting as if you do not know anything about them, so keep their ability to track down factoids about you to a minimum.

5. Don’t Allow Your Date To Escort You

Biker dating sites are great for meeting those who share your interests. But you should avoid allowing your date to pick you up, drop you off or walk you home at all costs. While hopping on the back of that bike and taking off into the night can be an exhilarating experience, it can also be one of the more foolish choices you’ve ever made. If you live in a city with cabs, take one to and from your date. No cabs? Drive yourself to and from your initial meeting.