Frequently asked questions about biker dating are listed below:

1. Why Did You Create This Website?

Many users asked me this question before, my answer is simple - To help single motorcycle riders to find a wonderful biker dating website on the web, and get the most useful dating tips here. Hope you have found the site after reading our reviews!

2. How Does Your Site Work?

a. Go to our home page to get to know the ranking of the best biker dating sites;
b. Figure out what you're looking for? A Harley riders dating site, or a general dating site built for all riders;
c. Compare these 10 biker dating sites, read detailed reviews of the sites, and comment on which left a deep impression on you;
d. Create your personal profile;
e. Make full use of the site to find your ideal matches nearby;
f. Send us feedback.

3. Free vs. Premium Biker Dating Websites: Which Is Better?

Actually, there is only one 100% free biker dating site in the world, it's BikerOrNot - the largest social networking site for bikers. Paying for online biker dating sites is an effective way to find matches, and that will help you be viewed and contacted 30+ times more than free members.

4. How Did You Rank These Sites?

Before writing the reviews, our dating experts Harley and Chris investigated a lot of online biker dating sites, based on the number of users, site features, user's reviews, and finally, we picked the five best sites in 2015, and added another five outstanding sites in September 2016. In these websites, there are two special sites - a customized Christian biker dating site and a Harley Davidson riders dating site.

5. Does BikerPlanet Have No App?

No, BikerPlanet does not offer its users apps. To find bikers nearby, using apps is the most convenient way. Read our reviews of the biker dating apps >>